This is also STATE #49! We have thus completed the RV portion of this trip. All we’ve got left is Hawaii! Woohoo we did it.

One of our best RV park views of the trip – riverfront to the Arkansa River and the pedestrian bridge that leads to the museum.

Our cute little RV on the end

RV site 42. 42nd president. Coincidence? Yes, yes it was just a coincidence.

This bridge has quite a history, like many we’ve traversed this summer. This one used to be a railroad bridge, then had a very long history including almost being demolished, then owned by Spaghetti Warehouse! Then refurbished into this most excellent pedestrian bridge. It closes the loop to a 14.2 mile river trail. It was (without any exaggeration) 100 degrees on the days we visited. So suffice it to say we only walked the bridge portion of this trail.

The bridge has 2 distinct portions, this rather plain and industrial part

And this flowered, lighted beautiful part nearer the library

42. That is the name of this restaurant with a wonderful view of the bridge.

The Clinton Presidential Center is very beautiful and a popular spot for weddings and other events. We personally couldn’t imagine getting married at his library but to each his own. It’s the most expensive of all the presidential libraries & museums. In our defense, we bought a pass to all the libraries at the Reagan Library in California so, in actuality, it was like getting into this one for free and it says “Reagan” on our pass.

Jerry’s shirt helped us be able to stand going in. This blog isn’t supposed to be political but at some point we have to defend our actions here. If not for you, then at least for ourselves. Haha!

It was interesting the inspiration for the style of the museum

You can see the stacks and stacks of blue boxes here mentioned in the pic above. Also you can see the Chihuly Christmas Tree in its entirety here but it is described below.

One of Kristi’s favorite parts and not seen to this extent in any other presidential museum. This is the day to day, hour by hour, schedule of the president for the entire presidency. There are 8 sets like this. So, we were able to see what he was doing when Kelsie was born, when Chris was born, and when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened, to name a few examples.

Replica cabinet room

Kristi in the Secretary of State’s chair in the cabinet room – this would be Warren Christopher from 1993-97 or Madeleine Albright from 97-01.

Replica of the Clinton Oval Office

Most interesting stat in the whole library. Notice the year in each column

Beautiful detail of one of the Chihuly Trees made for the Millenium celebration