Jerry asked ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence app) to help us decide where to go on the day we weren’t seeing Niagara Falls. He requested recommendations for things to see that might be outdoors or related to presidential history. We can honestly say we’d have never gone here otherwise.

This old fort is at the mouth of the Niagara River as it goes into Lake Ontario. It has been occupied by 3 nations at different times – France, Great Britain and the United States.

The front gate. France was the first country and the builders of the fort. They made it look like a castle so native Americans weren’t offended by it.


Close up of the castle – we were able to tour every building. The history is very interesting. Whoever controlled this fort controlled access into the Great Lakes.

Every building is well thought out and purposeful

The mouth of the Niagara River leading into Lake Ontario with Canada on the other side.

Do you think they know they are Canadian?

The castle has an amazing view of Lake Ontario

This building was called a redoubt – but it was basically a defensive tower

Third floor cannons

On the hilltop

Cute little groundhogs on our way out

The lighthouse was originally on the French castle but was later moved to give more room for officer’s quarters