We’re making our way around Lake Superior which is one big huge lake. It’s the biggest lake in the world in fact! Wisconsin doesn’t have a national park but the Apostle Islands is their National Lakeshore. We were able to see most of the 22 islands by boat on a very very cold ride.

Lupin were everywhere and just gorgeous growing wild on the side of the road.

Don’t let the sun fool you, it was freezing. It is amazing, warm and sunny at the shore, and as soon as you get going in a boat it is ridiculous. Almost everyone on the top deck of the boat moved downstairs soon after starting.

One of many stately eagles

This is not something we get to see very often

Honeymoon Rock, off Basswood Island’s northern tip

They’re checking out Jerry, probably taking pics for their friends. Look closely in this one and you’ll see two parent eagles. We’re not sure if you can see the babies in the nest below.

The experienced captain who grew up on this lake and has seen everything could not figure out what this was from a distance. He made many guesses…

He never guessed “a whale kite” and Jerry had to really zoom to identify it!

Devil’s island was the farthest north in the lake and had the roughest waves but also the most beautiful rock formations. There are extensive sea caves and much rumbling of the waves as they hit the rocks. The northern tip of Devil’s Island is the northernmost point of Wisconsin.

Devil’s Island Light built in 1894.

Back of our boat, The Archipelago

Raspberry Island Light established 1862

In the summer, volunteers live here and give tours to anyone who goes to the island. They came out and waved at our boat. In the winter, this would all be frozen over.

All the green islands are a part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and are protected