We are super excited about Utah and the 5 National Parks here! We will be hitting one after the other. Zion is actually the only one we’ve been to with the kids, about 12 years ago. Jerry also went to Zion growing up. But we’ve never done either of the trails we went on before. Zion is Utah’s first national park. It has such variety and the lowest point is 3,666 feet and the highest point is 8,726. That is quite an elevation change! Zion Canyon is 15 miles long and makes for amazing views and hikes.

This little Canyon Overlook Trail is only one mile but packs in a lot of amazing views. This is where we also first started seeing little tiny chipmunks and they are adorable!

We came through that tunnel in the rock to get to the trailhead. We brought our RV through that tunnel a few days later and we had to pay a fee and also they have to stop traffic coming the other way to allow you to drive down the center because this old tunnel was built before people had big RV’s and trucks and buses.

One of the tunnel windows

Ok we are already thinking about snakes, bears, bobcats, coyotes… now we have to think about deer?

Bighorn sheep on the opposite cliff from us

This crazy ridiculous bridge to get around this one part of the canyon wall

Jerry didn’t mind it at all, Kristi on the other hand…

Yikes! It sounds rickety and creaky but I’m sure it’s secure, right?

Cool caves and overhangs

This is the canyon in the valley of the mountain we were hiking on. We thought we could hike down there after this hike, but the ranger informed us that it required ”canyoneering” gear – you have to rappel to get down into it.

There are 3 types of chipmunks in Zion – Uinta, least and cliff. We think this is a least. They often scurried across the road or trails in front of us.

Can you find the chipmunk?

Lots of edge walking

The top! We are actually on top of a huge arch in the rocks, which you can see in the featured image of this post.

The crazy switchback road leading to the tunnel and to this trail.

More Bighorn sheep at the end of our hike, across the road on another cliff.