First Stop Wall Drug, but see below for more interesting adventures!

The famous Wall Drug. You can’t skip it, but it’s really kinda silly. There were approximately 1,234,789 signs advertising along the boring route across South Dakota. Now we can always say we went, but who really cares?

The Badlands were named by the Lakota because of the extreme temps, lack of water and exposed rugged terrain. Our first stop in the Badlands was over to see those Prairie Dogs.

Prairie Dog Town turned out to be an unexpected highlight of our travels. These guys are THE CUTEST. And the noises they make so surprising. We had already enjoyed them at Wind Cave National Park but in Badlands they seemed to have endless mounds.

They seemed to make these sounds to warn of danger. They chirped as we got closer and closer and they got louder and faster. They remind me of those little battery operated dogs we had in the 70’s and 80’s.

We tested to see how close we could get.

Jerry hid behind a clump of grass to get close. Just kidding, he’s not really hiding, but they would get more comfortable if you stayed still and just watched.

Hey Buddy, that’s a little close

This one got comfortable enough to lie down and take a nap!

The Badlands became a national park in 1978. It is 242,00+ acres of sharply eroded buttes and pinnacles and mixed prairie grass.

It’s so amazing how each place we have hiked have such different landscapes and rock formations. This is an amazing set of United States with unbelievable beauty and vastness.

I guess we both had the same idea…

See if you can find Jerry in this picture