Our 50 state adventure to celebrate our 50th birthdays

Family + Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Ohio

We passed through Ohio and were able to meet Jerry’s family for the day. His sisters came from Toledo and Fremont and his dad came from nearby Sharon, PA. We had bigger outdoor plans than we were able to complete due to really yucky weather, but we had lots of fun nonetheless.

This looks like a group with a mission

Starting strong at about 80 degrees and hoping for no rain and full of energy heading to Brandywine Falls. From L to R, Miranda, Kristi, Darla, Bethany, Rebecca, Bradley (back), Brandon (front), Matt

Jerry’s Dad, Noel & Darla’s boyfriend, JP

Just how many stairs are there?

It’s a really beautiful walkway to the falls

Lots of picture-taking of cute kids!

Cute picture/cute kids

We wonder what she’s saying


There’s everyone.

Starting a hike and starting some rain

Following Uncle Jerry through the woods

This hike took us to an area called Ledges. It started as the wooded trail and came to these boulders and small rock cliffs. There was a cave but it was closed to protect the bats.

There were lots of nooks and crannies to explore

Once the rain started it just kept coming

3 loving siblings, definitely missing the 4th. This picture feels incomplete without David

There were a few dark and creepy spots. Kristi might’ve freaked out a little here due to some insects

Brad wasn’t sure he could make it, but he braved the narrows and made it through to the other side.

“Hey, over there!”

Jerry & Becca enjoyed a photography chat about these cool formations

Who is that tall guy in the woods

It’s just Bradley

The torrential rain back at the trailhead where we left Noel & JP

An interesting dinner at Cracker Barrel. Our waiter took our order and then apparently quit! Without turning in the order. A new waitress came along and took our order again and got everything straightened out.

We stayed until they closed

There was really nowhere else to hang out but the RV! We had some fun chatting and a little game playing. We seem to remember a time 2 years ago when we visited Ohio and ended up in the RV with 9 people that time too and for exactly the same reason. RAIN! (Picture below for reference)

September 2021

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