This one was a challenge for sure. Our plan is to do something new in every state that we’ve never done before. We had actually spent time in Nebraska because Kristi’s dad is from there – so we’d been to Lincoln & Omaha. Well, folks, there’s not much more after that. Even their tagline on their tourist website and videos says, “Nebraska, Honestly, It’s Not For Everyone.” Google it, we’re serious!

So Nebraska doesn’t have beaches, mountains, presidential museums, National Parks, or other amazing scenery, but what they do have is cows. And we can’t be completely negative because we love cows. Thank you Nebraska for all the wonderful food that you provide for our country! We really do sincerely appreciate that, but we probably aren’t going to vacation there again.

We chose to visit the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte.

There’s the tower – all 8 stories!

The Golden Spike Tower overlooks the Bailey Yard which is the world’s largest railroad classification yard. Here they sort, service and repair locomotives and cars headed all across North America. A train may come from California with 100 cars, but they’re not all headed to the same destination. So the incoming train is split up and sorted into new trains by destination. It is owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad.

A switch like this is old technology, but it used to be used by the operators to do the sorting process.

If it’s good enough for Teddy, it’s good enough for us!

There is one flag for each state that Union Pacific Railroad services

This looks like it might’ve been helpful, but it wasn’t. This book could have been a post-it note.

There’s space for you in the RV parking lot if you’re thinking of visiting! Look at all that corn…