It looks like we brought just the right amount of seatbelts to Oklahoma for this adventure. Despite living in Oklahoma for many years and having all of our kids there and having our business headquartered there and visiting at least yearly, we still had never been to the Oklahoma Aquarium. Therefore we chose this as our “activity we’d never done before in this state” to count for our trip. Conveniently, we had 5 nephews and one niece willing to go with us. We had so much fun!

Left to right and back to front – Kyle, Charity, Christian, Kamden, Michael, Gabriel, Aunty and Unc – that’s an 8 pack of Beers right there!

First we had to build up our energy with Chic-Fil-A where Aunt Kristi dined with the older 3

Uncle Jerry dined with the younger 3

Pirate Kyle

Pirate Michael

Pirate Christian

Uncle Pirate Jerry like we’ve never seen him before

Looks like something got Kamden, hope he got rescued

Stop staring at us

The shark tunnel was pretty cool

Can you imagine getting in the water in one of these with sharks all around?

A massive sea star. Kristi had asked Jerry to find one on all the beaches they explored over the summer but he never found one until Tulsa.

Feeding carrot slices to the turtles.

The cutest little seahorse

Touching moon jellyfish. There’s no picture proof but Kristi touched one also.