President Lincoln is our 16th president. His museum is a little different than the others with it being more of an experience. A designer from Disney helped them create it and it shows in many ways, from the numerous sounds and effects, to the life size models of President Lincoln and many others from his life story.

Union Station right across the street – last train out of here was 1971.

The huge atrium led into different parts of his life – the log cabin led into an area all about his childhood and years before the White House, the 2 theaters had really interesting movies with numerous effects and the White House portico led into all the parts about the presidency.

The Lincoln Family. They had many tragedies and lost 2 sons very young and one at age 18 died after his father was killed.

A model of his Kentucky cabin where he grew up

Tim Russert made an interesting newscast of what it would have been like in the election of 1860. Tim has been gone since 2008!

This shows just how contentious his election was. There were four candidates that all won at least some electoral votes.

So many political cartoons! There were just walls and walls of them. This brought back to remembrance all the cartoons Kristi had to study and decipher in Mr. Canevaro’s history classes.

We think this room is showing a scene with his cabinet discussing the war effort.

There were interesting perspectives all around about the emancipation proclamation and many different depictions of it.

It was very very cold in the museum and we actually warmed ourselves at this wood stove replica in the White House that was really giving off heat.

His home with his wife and kids before the presidency. Nobody in their family ever returned to this home after his assassination.

His tomb was a few miles away and if you ever plan to visit it closes at 5! We couldn’t get inside but outside apparently you are supposed to touch his nose for good luck. (And germs)

President Lincoln has by far the most elaborate tomb of any US President