So we sorta really came here to see Walker’s Point aka The Bush Compound because Kristi has always wanted to see it and we were gonna be in Maine just this once. But we also found 2 cute little towns – Kennebunk & Kennebunkport and had a fun time exploring both.

“Vacationland” might be a bit of a stretch, Maine! Maybe try “at least we had a few presidents here” or “the beaches are pretty if you’re wearing a parka.”

Sandy Pines was our cute little very nicely kept campground

A lovely dinner was had here. Kristi (who does not eat seafood) had planned on trying lobster bisque or a lobster roll or some such, both of which they did not have. So the lobster fest would have to wait one more day.

Beautiful sunset in downtown Kennebunkport

Interestingly, when we return to this spot tomorrow, all this water will be gone. It is then that we will learn about their crazy tides. All the town water disappears twice per day. The boats, kayaks, etc all have to return before low tide.

Kristi’s very first time on an e-bike. We rode from the campground to the beach. She was indeed brave and adventurous!

If only our e-bikes came with a heater

Goose Rocks Beach. It was very pretty and the houses around were spectacular. But you guys, the air and the water temperature! Are you actually kidding us?

It’s so warm and sunny (if you look from a closed in sunroom with a few space heaters in it!)

He’s so cute and he’s acting like he’s not cold

Mother’s Beach – a popular family beach. The houses out on that point are some of the nicest in all Kennebunkport.

The main house on the Bush Compound. We saw some people go in and we found out the next day that George W. Bush was in town and was at the Memorial Day Parade.

We like to the think the Bushes are in the house taking a selfie out the window with us in their background

This anchor was presented to George HW Bush because the town appreciated and loved him

Real life secret service. He didn’t really seem to want to get to know us.

A tiny little trolley tour of 2 tiny towns

The Kennebunk River separates Kennebunkport from Kennebunk

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church – home church of George & Barbara Bush and also where he parachuted and landed on his 85th and 90th birthdays.

It was very windy at St. Anne’s but they have very beautiful property

Lawn/ocean view at St. Anne’s. Those are pews for outdoor ceremonies overlooking the ocean. This is the tiny lawn where he would land at the end of his parachute jump.

Cape Porpoise Pier

Super windy and chilly at Cape Porpoise. All the boats were in from the morning.

Goat Island Light House. During George HW Bush’s time as president, secret service lived there because of it’s great vantage point to their compound.

Gorgeous view in every direction

Jerry’s creativity but he wasn’t actually driving a ship

We were told that you have to have genuine lobster in Maine at a lobster shack where the boats dock

Kristi is a sucker for any animals painted with cute smiling faces. These are just the friendliest little seafood we ever did see

Lobster and crab rolls

Proof that she tried them. She’s not a fan of the lobster. The crab was tolerable. Jerry described them as “ok but not that impressive.” But boy, oh boy, people like to rave about that lobster from Maine, don’t they?