They refer to it as the crown jewel of the North Atlantic coast. It definitely surprised us with all the ocean views and coastline. We expected a more woodsy experience and we got a gorgeous coastal experience. Acadia National Park is on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine.

First stop Cadillac Mountain. You need reservations to go to the top so we did that a few hours after we arrived in the area.

The ocean was magnificent in every direction

For a portion of each year this is the first place in the US that you can see the sunrise. But it turns out sunrise is at 4:30 am at this time of year so we opted out. We’re really more sunset people. (California here we come!)

Kristi exploring the summit

Bar Island (on the far left) and the Porcupine Islands. We will visit Bar Island later in the trip

Admiring the view

Always working on the perfect shot

The summit is 1530 feet. It was quite a little search to find this summit marker.

Goal accomplished


View to the west of Eagle Lake

Kebo Brook Bridge (and the missing cat poster)

One of many stone bridges

Kebo Brook and Kristi way over there

Sand Beach – a simple name for a spectacular area of Acadia

We arrived at Sand Beach just as the sun was going behind the mountains and it was so chilly!

The super clear waves

A wee piece of sun left on the edge of the beach

Lots of prints from earlier crowds

The Precipice Cliffs

Egg Rock Island Lighthouse

OUR FAVORITE IN ACADIA!! Little Hunters Beach was a small beach in a cove that had no sand but only cobblestones.

We loved it so much we stayed awhile and came back another day

The cliff rocks were magnificent

Look at that clear water! The waves made a beautiful melodic sound on the cobblestones and they would move and shift with each wave. See video below

Lots of grays and pinks

Very unique cobblestones from tiny to huge

It was hard to walk on and you definitely couldn’t run

We both fell in love with this spot

It was deserted. We never figured out why more people didn’t stop here

The sound of the waves on the cobblestones

Jordan Pond and Bubble Mountains

Gorgeous, clear pond that is a local water source. We did a 3 mile hike around

The pond changes and is very different on each side

Slimy little green froggy friend

Most of the path was in shade with beautiful peeks out to the pond

The hike varied with several types of paths

Cute bridges

Sparkling blues and greens

Boardwalks over marshy areas

A loon (also a favorite nickname Kristi uses for the kids – usually something like “crazy loon fool”)

Jordan Pond House Restaurant (and our end goal after the hike)

The beautiful outdoor area

Our table with a beautiful view of the pond. Thanks, Jonathan Crabb, for the gift card and recommendation. You were right, we loved it!

Popovers and chai and root beer!

Everything you need to know. They are really interesting and not like anything we’ve had before.

Cadillac Cliffs Loop off the Gorham Trail

All kind of neat rock caves, steps, crevices and formations

A sketchy bridge

It’s not Kristi’s favorite when they add bars to the hike – it means she probably doesn’t belong there

Oh yeah, he was there too

Not quite the summit

Cottonwood was blowing everywhere. It looks like snow

View from Gorham Trail near the top

We got a view of Sand Beach from above

It was amazing up there and not as windy as Cadillac Mountain had been

Panoramic from the top of Gorham Trail

Pretty pines

Thunder Hole was less than spectacular but interesting. At high tide the water thunders in and erupts. We missed high tide

The water power is amazing

One of many deer we encountered

Beaver lodge