We tried to see this in 2022 and Jerry got sick and was hospitalized in Missouri and had to return home after discharge. So….here we go again trying to learn about this President and visit Kristi’s dad and his wife Melodie. We had such a good time eating wonderful food, visiting and catching up and we even got to see the movie Oppenheimer which tied in nicely with all we learned about Harry Truman.

President Truman became our 33rd president when President Franklin Roosevelt died. It was crazy times in our country and he had a lot to deal with. Agree with him or not, he sure made decisions with huge consequences for our country that led us to where we are today. We’ve really enjoyed learning about each president so thoroughly and seeing where they came from. It’s interesting which states can boast of raising a president!

Since we just came from learning about Eisenhower, it was really interesting seeing him from the perspective of Truman’s presidency here.

This sounds like a couple of kids we know!

Another unique Oval Office. Note that he had many pictures of airplanes in his office.

The tombs are straight ahead, after the flags. President Truman’s personal office was the building to the right. We were able to go in and see where he would work daily after he was back home and out of the presidency.

Bess and Harry Truman tombs. We think it’s interesting how they included so much info on his to help remind you of all his service to the USA.

Who are those guys behind us? We had to see the front where nobody goes in.

The Truman Home – Harry Truman lived here from the time he married Bess in 1919 until his death in 1972. The home is about a mile from the museum.